We live in an increasingly hostile world and while self defense training certainly does not guarantee our safety, it can give us a distinct advantage over our aggressors. OCQC self defense training (private only) includes, but is not limited to, Panantukan Concept, Western boxing, and Knife Fighting Concept. Practitioners of OCQC self defense will learn to integrate each of these disciplines into a seamless and effective martial system. The day may come where you are called upon to defend yourself or a loved one. Will you be ready?

There are no rules in a street fight. Western boxing is often called the “sweet science” due to its adherence to a set of rules that govern its proven effectiveness. Panantukan, on the other hand, manages to mix the sweet science with what can only be described as organized chaos. Use head movement to avoid a strike – or meet that strike with an elbow strike. Throw a left hand-right hand punch combination – or throw that same combination and follow it up with a “dumog” or grappling/wrestling technique. Panantukan Concept in a variant of Filipino martial arts empty-hand striking which takes the fundamentals of Western Boxing and integrates them with elements of other martial art disciplines to form a complete system designed to account for threats encountered on the street. Come and see for yourself what happens when you mix a little science with a little chaos. 

Panantukan concept

Western Boxing

Knife Fighting Concept

It is inevitable that anyone who has the misfortune of being involved in a knife attack will come away with injuries, whether minor or severe. We train to fight with edged weapons not to avoid the probability of injury, but to significantly minimize the probability of severe injury. Knife Fighting Concept is a system designed to do just that by teaching practitioners how to fight with a knife or defend against a knife attack. Practitioners will learn knife handling techniques, striking angles, speed drills, and much more. When your edged weapon becomes an extension of your hand, you ensure that you will have an advantage in situations where a knife fight is unavoidable.

OCQC Self defense

The physically rigorous nature of our training make it ideal for personal fitness. But one aspect of our training provides an even more rigorous workout which is more conducive to you meeting your physical fitness goals - boxing. Boxers at the height of their profession are known for the stamina and exquisite physiques that they possess. If personal fitness is your goal, we will tailor our training to a "boxer's workout" where we will, in essence, train you as a boxer. You will jump rope, run, perform calisthenics and plyometric exercises, do focus mitt training, and much more. 

Violence against women is on the rise. Some figures indicate that over 30% of women have experienced physical violence by a partner or non-partner in their lifetime. Add that to the fact that men are 50% stronger than women in brute strength and you have a critical need for women to know how to use every tool at their disposal in order to defend themselves. OCQC women's self defense training is designed to teach women how to engage and/or rebuff an aggressor by using striking and grappling techniques as well as improvised and edged weapons. Prepare to gain the tools you need to defend yourself.   

OCQC Women's Self defense