Gym Pricing Options

Unlimited Training (24 total classes per month)

Unlimited training in all Knife Fighting Concept, Panantukan Concept, and Western Boxing classes.

- $75 per month (*autopay) or $85 per month (**standard) 

Single Discipline Training (8 classes per month)

Choose to train in either Knife Fighting Concept, Panantukan Concept, or Western Boxing.

$50 per month (*autopay) or $60 per month (**standard) 

Women's Self Defense (1 class per week)
This training course is open to female participants only and is free to those enrolled in one of our monthly gym memberships.
$10 per class

Individual Classes

- $10 per class

*Autopay is setup through PayPal. You will be asked to create a PayPal account if you do not already have one. Payment is due at the time of training and will be automatically drafted from the client's account in the same amount monthly. You can deactivate autopay at any time before the next draft. All payments are non-refundable. Use the link below to subscribe.

**Payment is due at the time of training and will be due each month in the same amount. Payment can be made by cash, check, credit card, or Cash App. All payments are non-refundable.​



5:30pm - Panantukan Concept

6:30pm - Western Boxing

7:30pm - Knife Fighting Concept


9am - WSD (Women's Self Defense) 

10am - Western Boxing 

11am - Panantukan Concept

12pm - Knife Fighting Concept

*Schedule is subject to change

Recommended Items for Training

- Hydration

- Towel​​

- Aluminum training knife (Knife              Fighting Concept)

- Boxing gloves (WSD, Western Boxing,      Panantukan Concept)

- Hand wraps (WSD, Western Boxing)

- Mouth guard (WSD, Western Boxing)

- MMA gloves (WSD, Panantukan                Concept)

Orlando Close-quarters combat gym 

OCQC Monthly Membership Options


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