Close-quarters combat (CQC) is a concept that describes tactics used to physically engage hostiles at close range through the use of hand-to-hand combat or short-range weaponry. Our goal at OrlandoCQC is to train our practitioners in self defense by employing a variety of close-quarters martial tactics. Some of these tactics include a variant of the empty-hand portion of Filipino martial arts called Panantukan (or sometimes referred to as dirty boxing), Western boxing, and knife offensive and defensive tactics. A symbiotic relationship exists between Panantukan and Western boxing that allows the two arts to compliment each other. This relationship allows us to integrate a fitness regimen (boxer's workout) into our self-defense tactics as our practitioners learn boxing techniques. Training will be physically and mentally demanding. Our curriculum will challenge you to press beyond your paradigm but if you trust the process we believe you will develop the skill set needed to defend yourself should the situation present itself.

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Close-Quarters Combat

Orlando Close-Quarters Combat (OrlandoCQC) is a limited liability company that provides self defense and fitness training in the Orlando, Florida region. Our instructors have the distinct honor of being the first US instructors to be certified by SAMI International's Peter Weckauf in Knife Fighting Concept and among the first group based in the United States to be certified as instructors in Panantukan Concept. Our instructors are also privileged to be the first SAMI International instructors based in Orlando, FL. Our owner/lead instructor Ray is also a certified boxing coach with USA Boxing and has trained in several martial art disciplines (Panantukan, Western Boxing, Royce Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Eskrima, Japanese Jiu-Jitsu). Our assistant instructor Myron has trained in Panantukan, Western Boxing, and Eskrima. 

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